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Obsevera creates, tests, and disseminates innovative ADD/ADHD technological tools worldwide to consumers and professionals that empower them to make accurate behavioral observations and optimize therapeutic interventions.

Observera is on the cutting edge of cognitive testing technologies.  It’s an edge that can only be maintained through the partnership of like-minded visionaries.

Could you be one of the key seed starters to support Obsevera’s mission and future?

Read more about our purpose and leading product, FACES.  If you are interested in receiving an expended business plan for FACES, contact us.

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Help Us Grow | ObserverBe a beta tester

Take our test.  We’re gathering people, with or without ADD/ADHD, who are eager to be test subjects once our flagship product, FACES, is ready.

We also welcome professionals who have an interest in testing FACES within medical practices.

If you’re interested in bringing your insights to our research, fill out our introduction form, and we will contact you with next steps.